Our customers do beautiful work! This artist painted this floral scape and then applied a clear coat of table and bar resin.

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A clear coating can add elegance and make your atmosphere so inviting! Wow! Perfect job!

​People call this product by many names and spellings such as bar top resin, bartop resin, table top resin, tabletop resin, bottlecap resin, bottle cap resin, clear bar coating, clear table coating, restaurant coating, bar coating, table coating, bar surface resin, liquid glass, clear coat, clear coat tables and more.  Whatever terminology you choose, Superez will do the job and save you money.

Pictures of Bar Top Resin.

Bar Top Resin has many Faces!

Create and Impress with Superez Resin.

Customers can be so creative with their projects!

Tailor your job to the theme of your establishment.

Your imagination is your inspiration.  

A pigmented coat followed by a clear coat with glitter.  Another clear coat to finish.  Sparkle and depth are created.

Embed seashells, coins, sand, rice, rope, bottlecaps, menus, baseball cards, coasters, and more. Be creative with your project and create a conversation piece for your restaurant or your home.

This restaurant table adds ambience to the dining experience.  Great job of embedding photos, coasters, and emblems.  Great conversation piece!

What beautiful work

this customer did

with Bar Top Resin over very pretty mosaics on a home bar.  

Mosaic Bar BEFORE the Bar Top Resin was applied.

A clear layer over a pigmented layer will allow you to accent the piece as well as to give it depth.

If you sponge paint you can create a "granite" look to your project.

Then apply the bar top resin without pigment. Several clear coatings can lend a deeper look to your bar or table.

Wow! What a super resin job.  Gotta love this outcome!

Just finished bartop and wow does it shine!

A modern look was created for this cool bar top with a granite look.

The artist followed his imagination to create a unique masterpiece.


Great look on this classy bar!