Use Superez for all your commercial and domestic projects. Superez has a very good U.V. inhibitor in it and it is one of the most raved about brands.  Customers ask for Superez by name and appreciate it for its durability and its clarity.  Superez endures U.V. exposure more than most brands. Great for imparting a clear glossy coating to tabletops and bar tops in restaurants and homes, this resin is also fantastic for plaques, artwork, label doming, paperweights, keychains, encapsulation and the beautifying and protection of all your wood projects. Since 1991 Superez has been invited into some of the most prestigious and popular places. It beautifies many businesses and homes.

Superez Table Top Resin is sold in 2-Gallon Kits

SuperGloss TableTop Resin

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Superez Brand Table Top Resin

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Pricing for Bartop resin

​​SuperGloss is a clear table and bar resin that is great for all your wood projects.  This resin is a 1:1 mix ratio resin.  Sold in 2-gallon kits

(1-gallon of part A and 1 gallon of part B) this resin has a good U.V. inhibitor. 

​Please call for current pricing on SuperGloss.    954-584-2600

Purchase one  2-gallon kit for $72.95.

2 kits would be only $68.95 each 2-gallon kit.

Buy 4 kits for only $65.95 per 2-gallon kit.

Superez Tabletop Resin is sold in 2-gallon kits.

You get 1 gallon of part A and 1 gallon of part B. This is a 1:1 mix. 

Each kit is 2-gallons.