Table Top Resin Information

Some customers keep after any drips with a brush, others wait for the drips to harden and then grind them off .

Always use visqueen to protect your work area and floor.

We have been selling Bar Top Resin since 1991.

Our best selling resin for bar tops and tabletops is Superez Table Top Resin. This resin is a quality product and the price is very economical.  Customers have been beautifying tables and bars in restaurants and homes and word of mouth has taken Superez Table Top Resin into some of the most exclusive places in this great country as well as other countries.

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​​​​​​​​​​​Table top resin is a 1:1 mix epoxy resin.

​Superez can be used over most clean uncontaminated surfaces.

Coverage of our table and bar resin is 25 square feet per gallon at 3/32" thick (average layer).

​Curing occurs with proper measuring and proper mixing in the correct proportion. Adding more catalyst will not speed up the curing process and may cause uneven results.

Mix only what you will use in the amount of time before the resin begins to gel. Make sure you measure. Do NOT guess at the amount ratios.

Mixing in one direction will keep air bubbles to a minimum.

​Mixing thoroughly and scraping the sides and bottom of the tub and not frothing the mixture is key.

​A heat torch will bring air bubbles to the surface to dissipate.  The torch should not touch the resin surface!  This must be done before the resin begins to gel. If a heat torch is not available a hair dryer on low setting is sufficient. Careful to not push the resin with the forced air.

​Superez will accept pigment easily.

​Superez Table Top Resin is great over Styrofoam and unlike many resins, it will not melt Styrofoam.

​The larger the batch of mixture the shorter the pot life.

​Working in a hot or cold environment can affect the pot life.

​To achieve a desired thickness you must do this in layers, waiting for the first layer to cure before applying the next layer.  Trying to save time by pouring a thick layer can result in air entrapment as well as possible wrinkles caused by shrinkage.


​It is suggested to work with a test piece before your major project if you have never worked with epoxy resin.

​The following timelines are based on an ambient temperature of 75-80 degrees:

Pot life is approximately 20 minutes

Gel time is 1 hour

Partial cures in 12-24 hours

Dust dry time is 4 hours.

​Maximum cure at an ambient temperature is 3 days.